PA#21-Dream Analysis.


Recently I’ve gotten myself back into deciphering my dreams. When I was a kid I used to do this all the time, but I simply got to busy to keep up with it. Now that I have more time to focus on myself I have gotten into a pattern of doing this everyday. It can be a controversial subject because dreams can simply be considered “mental garbage” that your mind is just flushing out, but I see dreams as a deeper message into your soul and to what you’re feeling, your subconscious tries to make sense of it so it relates your feelings into simple things in life. How I do my dream analysis is i reflect on my dream and there’s usually only a few aspects of the dream that stand out , so with those key things I will write them down, then go into my book and find the meaning.  It’s really interesting how strongly the message in my books relate to what is presently going on in my life or what i am feeling deep down. Like I said this can be a touchy subject but it’s something I find comfort with and something I enjoy spending my time doing 



Next year I will be joining the school on the Italy trip for hairstyling! I’m not in hair styling but me and a few friends are going to have the chance to see Italy. I’m so excited, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy to see the beautiful culture, artwork and architecture.We’ll be leaving March 15 to March 22. I’ve been teaching myself Italian so I can understand and try to communicate better, it’s a beautiful language and really easy for me to pick up since it’s so similar to French and I was in French immersion for 10 years.



On Sunday, my friend Janel and I had a cute little Sunday date evening in Corydon , we went to Eva’s Gelato then I had the pleasure of being introduced to the coffee shop; MAKE/coffee+stuff. As I walked in I felt so happy, there were wooden chairs and modern metal chairs with graphic design everywhere and architectural plans for building around the city placed on the wall, antique and modern string lights hung from the ceiling and it was just a beautiful place. I feel really happy in scenery such as this coffee shop, it’s exactly the style I love; modern, antique/retro. I ordered a matcha green tea latte and when it was served to me I was probably a little to excited that they made a design in the foam hahah. I wanted to share this place if there’s anyone who loves this common interest of mine, I feel like it’s a great place to go and read a book, write, do homework or just hangout with friends! 


PA#16-reading to a grade 3 class.

Today in class we got to read to a grade 3 class in Thompson, Alyssa and I read the It’s Okay book then we read ours we made in class. I was a bit nervous honestly just because I get nervous speaking out loud but once we got further into the books I felt completely fine! I remember in grade 3 or 4 we had highschool students come to us and then write a book for us and I remember looking up to them so much and I felt so excited that a highschool student was talking to me , it’s weird thinking that I could now be one of those highschool students to a younger kid that makes them feel so nervous or excited, because I’m probably just as nervous or a little more, than them just by reading to them hahah! 

PA#15-things that describe me.

Do you ever think of a song you would tell someone to listen to if they really wanted to try to understand who you are? I feel the simple things that make someone happiest is almost like a doorway to they’re true and deeper self. You can learn a lot about that person and what makes them who they are by just listening to that song or drinking their favourite coffee they order regularly. If I were to try to get someone to understand me on this deeper level and know what makes me the happiest which also says a lot about myself I would have to start with …

1. The song Walking on a dream//empire of the sun- whenever I listen to this it reminds me of the beach which is one of my happy places.

2.Any song by Lana Del Rey- my favourite artist and biggest inspiration who’s music connects and moves me most.

2.MAKE/ coffee+stuff coffee shop- the mix of retro and modern design simply makes me feel overwhelmed with happiness and peace and something about this place just feels like it describes me.

3. skinny caramel macchiatos- my favourite coffee I order anywhere that serves it. It’s my happiness in a cup….along with any green tea.

4.Air ports- like I’ve mentioned, I find myself at peace and I feel that if someone went to one to figure out who I was it could say a lot.

5. Coconut ice cream/gelato-whenever I eat this I forget about everything bad and am simply happy and I feel like it’s one of those things that describe me because it puts me at one of my happiest

PA#15-One Republic Concert

Last night I had the pleasure of going to the One a Republic concert with Lights as the opening act. I went with my 4 friends, Emily, Kate, Sydney and Michele. It was such a fun time getting to go out and enjoy live music with my friends! I’m not a huge One Republic fan but it definitely was a great experience getting to go see them live. I was so happy when they played Secrets and Stop and stare since theyre my favourite songs by them, I was also very happy when they played George Ezra’s cover of Budapest since that song has recently been one of my new favourites! I was really impressed at how good One Repbulic was live and how great of personalities and humour they have! Most definitely a Monday well spent !